Industrial Property Office

Provision of Information Pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll.

Overview of compulsorily published information
pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll.

1.   Name

Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic (IPO CZ)


2.   Reason for establishment and means

The Industrial Property Office is established by Amendment No 2/1969 Coll. (Act no. 21/1993 Coll) as a central body of state administration of the Czech Republic.In accordance with the effect determined by Act no.14/1993 Coll. on Measures Concerning the Industrial Property the IPO CZ: 

  1. decides about the provision of the protection of inventions, industrial designs, utility models, topographies of the semiconductor products, trademarks and appellations of origin;
  2. works in compliance with the provisions for patent attorneys;
  3. administers collection of patent literature.

3.    Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart


4.    Contacts

4.1    Contact postal address 

  2. Antonína Čermáka 1057/2a
  3. 160 68  Praha 6 – Bubeneč
  4. Czech Republic

4.2    IPO CZ address for personal visits

  1. Antonína Čermáka 1057/2a
  2. 160 68  Praha 6 – Bubeneč
  3. Czech Republic

4.3    IPO CZ opening hours

  1. Monday             8:00 – 17:00
  2. Tuesday            8:00 – 16:00
  3. Wednesday       8:00 – 17:00
  4. Thursday           8:00 – 16:00
  5. Friday               8:00 – 14:30

4.4   Telephone numbers

Switchboard: +420 220 383/111

4.5   Fax numbers

Filing room: +420 220 324 718

4.6    Internet address

4.7    e-filing room address

Data box address: ix6aa38

4.8    other e-mail addresses

helpdesk service – provides basic information about industrial property through e-mail.

On this e-mail address you can order searches for various industrial rights. For more information click here.

Reports of suspicion of corrupt actions in connection with IPO CZ activities can be sent on this e-mail address. 


5.    Potential payments can be remitted to:

All payments except for payments for PCT applications can be paid at the IPO CZ cash desk or to relevant accounts or by postal order. Administrative fees are also payable by revenue stamps (up to CZK 5000,-).

Administrative and service fees provided by the IPO CZ are payable to the following accounts:

  1. 19-21526001/0710Service fees
  2. 3711-21526001/0710Administrative fees
  3. 80012-21526001/0710Maintenance fees for national patents and SPC
  4. 35-21526001/0710Maintenance fees for European patents
  5. 212883802/0300Fees connected to filing international PCT applications (in EUR)
For more information about payments click here.


6.    Identification number (IČ)



7.    Tax registration number (DIČ)

The IPO CZ is not a VAT payer.


8.    Documents

8.1    List of main documents

Integrated Management System Policy

8.2    Budget

IPO CZ indicators for 2012


9.    Requests for information

Information concerning patents, utility models, industrial designs, topographies of semiconductor products, trademarks, apellations of origin and geographical denominations can be obtained at the Helpdesk of the IPO CZ, either in person or by e-mail ( or by phone (+420 220 383 120). Concrete questions can also be discussed directly with employees of relevant departments. Further information is also provided within the range of services of the Public reading room.


10.    Acceptance of requests and other submissions

All documents, including all types of applications, requests, complaints, proposals and inputs can be filed in person in the IPO CZ filing room, by post, data box, e-mail with secured e-signature, by fax or e-mail documented by the original within 5 days of filing (see the Administrative Code). In case of file proceedings an application or request through the on-line system can be filed. Decisions of the IPO CZ can be received through data box, post or collected in person at the filing room of the IPO CZ.


11.    Legal remedies

Appeal is a legitimate legal remedy against first instance decision of the IPO CZ. Appeals can be filed by a party to the procedure with the IPO CZ within one month from the delivery of the contested decision. At the same time the party is obliged to pay an administrative fee in the amount of CZK 1000,-. As a condition, the person requesting the appeal procedure in matters of patents and utility models shall be required to deposit a security in the amount of CZK 2500,- which shall be refunded to the person filing the appeal if the request is substantiated by the procedure.

It must be obvious from the filing that it is a legal remedy, who is applying, against which decision and what is proposed. The appeal must be factually justified and it must provide evidence upon which the appeal is based.   


12.    Forms

The forms are available on the IPO CZ website ( They can be filled in electronically or downloaded in pdf format, or obtained in paper in the filing room of the IPO CZ. Click here for complete list of forms. 


13.    Description of procedures - directions to solve situations in life

Directions to solve situations in life – Patent granting

Directions to solve situations in life – Trademark registration

Directions to solve situations in life – Geographical denomination and appellation of origin registration

Directions to solve situations in life – Industrial design registration

Directions to solve situations in life – Utility model registration

Directions to solve situations in life – Topographies of semiconductor products registration 


14.    Legislation

For proceedings before the IPO CZ general rules set out in the Administrative Code apply, bearing in mind relevant deviations in the legislation connected to industrial property protection.

All legislation concerned is available for viewing at the IPO CZ helpdesk and online on the IPO CZ website.

14.1    Most important legislation

Overview of Acts based on which the IPO CZ makes decisions:

14.2    Published legislation


15.    Fees for providing information

15.1    List of fees

List of fees - costs incurred in connection with a provision of information according to the Act No. 106/1999 Coll, § 17.  


16.    Licence agreements

With reference to the Act no. 106/1999 Coll., the IPO CZ does not provide exclusive licences.


17.   Annual report according to Act no. 106/1999 Coll.

Annual report for 2011

Annual report for 2010




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