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Francis Gurry Appointed for Second Term as WIPO Director General

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

The General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) appointed Mr. Francis Gurry by consensus on May 8, 2014, to a second six-year term of office as Director General of the Organization. Mr. Gurry’s appointment by the WIPO General Assembly followed his nomination by consensus the WIPO Coordination Committee in March 6-7, 2014. The second term of Mr. Gurry will run from October 1, 2014, through September 2020.

He said in his acceptance speech: “I very much look forward to working with all member states over the coming mandate. The politics of intellectual property are, in my view, becoming more, rather than less, challenging…I would view this as a natural consequence of the increased economic value of intangibles and innovation and of the mission of intellectual property of finding the right balance in relation to all the interests that surround innovation in our society.”

Mr. Gurry is the fourth Director General of WIPO, following Dr. Kamil Idris of Sudan (1997-2008), Mr. Arpad Bogsch of the United States (1973-1997) and Mr. Georg Bodenhausen of the Netherlands (1970-1973).

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