Industrial Property Office

International Exhibition of Inventions INVENTO Prague 2013

On June 6 – 8, 2013 INCHEBA Prague in co-operation with the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic and Czech Union of Inventors and Rationalizers organizes the International exhibition of Inventions INVENTO Prague 2013.

An exhibition of inventions, innovations and original solutions!
An opportunity to successfully introduce new ideas as well as to obtain them!

The Czech Republic has never organized such an extensive invention and innovation fair as INVENTO 2013. In fact, intellectual property and its effective protection is an important part of the innovation process and no doubt significantly contributes to the competitiveness of those who know how to find its optimal use.

We would therefore like to invite you to the new INVENTO Prague fair, which has set the following objectives for itself: play an important role in this area; help show the latest domestic and global trends to all persons interested in science, technology and innovations; and highlight the importance of creative work and the significance of industrial legal protection for the successful introduction of new solutions onto the market. We would also like to make it possible for “Czech heads” to successfully introduce their ideas and solutions on a broad international platform.

The fair are co-organized by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic and the Czech Union of Inventors and Rationalizers. The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) have is serving as partners, and have placed INVENTO Prague 2013 on their list of events, and the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurships CR. The fair was ranked in the global chain of similar events supported IFIA - on the 1st half of the year 2013 these fairs will be held in Tehran, Geneva, Belgrade, Prague and Pittsburgh.

In addition to presentations in standard stands, conferences, seminars and workshops will also be held at the fair, and there will also be enough space for direct and uninterrupted business meetings.

The fair will also include an official international competition for the most interesting invention or innovation; gold medals will be awarded in this competition.

The individual exhibitors’ displays will be organized mainly in standardized stands ranging in size from 2 to 18 m2. “Packages” have also been prepared for the exhibitors as an alternative. These packages include complete participation: exhibition space, equipped stand, electricity line, graphic sign on the stand fascia, cleaning and parking. Exhibitors will add their own panels, exhibits, etc., to their stands.

Based on additional orders, the organizer will also print graphic stickers for the stand walls and apply them to the panels. Exhibitors can also purchase the exhibition space only and create the stand by themselves.

Deadline: 30. 4. 2013

“A meeting place with a café” will be set up in the middle of the exhibition area for two-person or multiple person meetings; this area will be linked to a full-service café. Use of this area will be free for all exhibitors.

In addition, a conference room with 70 person capacity and complete audio-visual equipment for the professional Accompanying program, IFIA conference, etc., will also be available. The quantity and capacity of the premises for conferences, seminars and workshops is variable. They will be created based on need at the time.

Social program:
Glass of wine at Křižík’s Fountain with a show on the first evening of the fair.

Accommodation at discount rates has been arranged in Prague hotels!

Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic
Zuzana Bělohradská

Czech Union of Inventors and Rationalizers
Pavel Dlouhý

Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship CR
Pavel Švejda
Secretary General


Here is the Exhibition application form for exhibitors (144, kB). 
Here is the Exhibition application - Special package form for exhibitors (969, kB).