Industrial Property Office

19.9.- Seminar: Introduction to the EQE

The European qualifying examination provides a major hurdle for patent attorney trainees who want to enter the profession. A constant low pass rate at the exam in general, and in particular in countries having nearly no tradition in a qualifying examination for the profession of a patent attorney, indicates the need to create more awareness of the complexity of the examinations and the structured preparation necessary in order to be successful. Recent changes to the regulations will have an effect on the examination from 2012 onwards, they will be commented on as well.

This seminar raises awareness of what is tested in each of the different examination papers, and the knowledge and skills you are required to have for being successful. The concepts behind the different papers will be explained and an insight into the critical factors and information on how to structure preparation for each paper of the EQE will be provided. A basic understanding of what the examination committees expect in a correct answer will be conveyed.

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