Industrial Property Office

Strong warning for applicants and owners of industrial property rights

World Intellectual Property Organization has published the notice on its website warning PCT applicants about risks concerning certain invitations for IP right registration and requests for payment of fees for such registration services. In this context WIPO has informed the Czech Industrial Property Office that it requested the company using the name World Intellectual Property Database s. r. o. based in Praha 3, Roháčova 188/37, PSČ 130 00,, to cease and desist from using in business communications and in its webpage an acronym, name of this company and its logo, which were almost identical to that of WIPO. It warned that this behavior denoted a clear intention to try to mislead potential clients and the public for charging fees for offered registration services that did not relate to the processing before WIPO. At the same time WIPO stated that its name, its acronym and its logo were protected under article 6ter of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property against unauthorized uses and it would reserve all rights to pursue this company in any competent jurisdiction.


It should be noted that any registration made in this company does not guarantee any industrial property protection.