Industrial Property Office

National application - information

In semiconductor industry, the basic solution for production of integrated circuit with desired function is the disposition of in-circuit elements in extent of integrated circuit and their interconnection.
Such solution, or its symbolization, has undoubtedly a character of an inventive work, which has to be protected against piracy and unjustified enrichment.
The entry of certain topography of semiconductor products to the national register serves for this purpose. The entry can be done only based on application filing with the IPO CZ. The right to protection of topography can only be claimed by citizens of the Czech Republic or those residing in the Czech Republic. Others only on condition of reciprocity.
Application procedure is carried out on the basis of registration principle, the IPO CZ thus doesn't examine the material conditions of protection. The entry can be opposed by cancellation. The IPO CZ administers register of topographies which contains all conclusive statements. The register is accessible to public.

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