Industrial Property Office

Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Programme between the IPO CZ and the SIPO

The Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic (IPO CZ) and the State Intellectual Property Office of the P. R. China (SIPO) concluded the Joint Statement of Intent to Cooperate in the Field of Patent Prosecution Highway. According to this statement the pilot programme of the PPH was launched on January 1, 2018. The duration of this programme is two years and may be extended if necessary.

Joint Statement of Intent (pdf, 822 kB)

Information for applicants from CZ – proceedings before the SIPO

Guidelines (Requirements and procedures in detail) and Request form.

Information for applicants from China – proceedings before the IPO CZ

Procedures to file a request to the IPO CZ: Guidelines for CN applicants (pdf, 408 kB)
PPH Request Form (docx, 24 kB)
PCT-PPH Request Form (docx, 23 kB)

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