Industrial Property Office

National application - information

Appellation of origin/geographical denomination applications include the following:

  1. wording of appellation of origin/geographical denomination;
  2. applicant’s name (company name or full name), address or permanent residence, in case of need applicant’s representative
  3. geographical delimitation of the territory on which the product is produced, processed and/or prepared,
  4. designation of the establishment producing, processing and preparing the product with the designation of appellation of origin/geographical denomination in a place whose geographical name is part of appellation of origin;
  5. listing of products concerned,
  6. description of characteristics or qualitative features of products given to unique geographical environment

The application must include statement of evidence from state administration body in the relevant territory in which the product production, processing and preparation takes place. This statement certifies that the establishment is situated on the given territory and that the applicant produces or processes the products.

Should the appellation of origin/geographical denomination be registered for agricultural products or foodstuff intended for humans and agricultural products not intended for humans, (the lists of which are ruled by Department of Agriculture by means of decree) the application has to be circumstantiated by the specification by virtue of §6, which designates its characteristics and defines the specialty of the geographical environment.

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