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Act No. 634/2004 Coll. on administrative fees
Appendix: List of administrative fees

(fees are payable to the account: 3711-21526001/0710)

Variable symbols and numbering of applications for appellations of origin/geographical indications
The application number is designated: OP/ZO, four-digit year of filing + serial number
For example: OP/ZO 2003-209, OP/ZO 2006-234
The variable symbol (VS) consists of the digit 8 + year (four digits) + application serial number.
For example: for OP/ZO 2003-209, VS is: 82003209; for OP/ZO 2006-325, VS is: 82006325.
In case a payment is being made for a newly filed application and the payer has no knowledge of its number, the fee can be paid using the first number of the variable symbol only, i.e. 8. In such case, the name of the payer’s account has to be identical with the name of the applicant or the agent so that the payment can be identified.

Item 126
- issue of a duplicate, copy, statement from the register, files, official documents and records per page or part thereof 100
- per page or part thereof, if made on a photocopier or on a computer printer 15

For the purposes of this Act, each part of page means an issued A4 or smaller format page.

Item 127
a) Receipt of the request  
- for the first extension of the term 200
- for each subsequent extension of the term 500
- for excuse of failure to comply with the term 1,000
b) Receipt of the appeal against the decision of the Industrial Property Office 1,000
c) Receipt of the request  
- for issuance of the priority right certificate (priority document) 600
- for registration of an assignment 600
- for registration of a licence 600
- for registration of the right of lien 600
- for conversion of a European application for each state to which the application is sent 600
Item 141
a) Receipt of the application for registration of an appellation of origin/geographical indication 4,000
b) Receipt of the application for international registration of an appellation of origin 2,500
c) Receipt of the request for cancellation of registration of an appellation of origin/geographical indication 2,000
d) Assignment of the application for protection of an appellation of origin/geographical indication to the Commission of the European Communities 500

Fees in accordance with Items 140 and 141(b) of this list of fees are collected for acts carried out in accordance with the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks, the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement, or in accordance with the Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration at the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva.

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