Industrial Property Office

Payments by postal orders

Payments of administrative fees made by postal orders in favour
of the account No. 3711-21526001/0710
(administrative fees for IPO proceedings)

A postal orders with preprinted obligatory data are available in the IPO filing room or may be sent to you on the request in reasonable quantity.

How to fill up the A postal order:

The payer shall fill up the amount, the variable symbol and the sender. In front of the amount the equal sign shall be located, the field for hellers shall be filled up with double 0 (00). Neither nulls nor vertical bars are allowed in front of the amount. The variable symbol shall not be completed by nulls and is aligned to the right. Czech Post recommends filling up postal orders by black ink.

Example of filling of A postal order


Administrative fee in amount CZK 600,- for request for assignment of patent application Nr. PV 2007-319 on another applicant. The payer will fill up fields "částa KČ" (amount in CZK) "=600", "variabilní symbol" (variable symbol)  "12007319" and "odesílatel" (sender).

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