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Specialization Study

Studying at the Industrial Property Training Institute

Specialisation Study

Suitable for staff in the area of industrial property, assistents to patent agents, attorneys and commercial lawyers, enterpreneurs, R& D staff, students and general public.

Type of study: two year long distance study
Target group: those interested in industrial property
Price: CZK 5 900,- per semester
Scope: 4 semesters, always two days a month in form of day-long workshops
Conditions of acceptance: completed secondary school (secondary school-leaving exam)
Beginning of study: September (must apply by the end of May)

Curriculum:                             The Study (which takes place in Czech language only) provides complex view into protection of industrial property and related legal protection. Students gain knowledge about position of industrial rights in legal system, history, developmental trends including interpretation of valid national, EU and international legislation. They get acquainted with general and formal requirements that secure protection of subjects of industrial property rights and learn about application proceedings of those rights. Last but not least this Study introduces students to principles of management of industrial rights in the market environment, principles of doing business with intangible assets including enforcement of those rights against infringement. A significant part of this programme is represented by teaching students how to find sources of information about industrial property and practical workshops on how to perform a search.

Conclusion of the Study:       Having defended their final thesis and having passed the final oral exams from the main subjects the graduates receive a certificate of completion of the specialized study in the area of industrial property protection.          

The curriculum contains the following topics:

• Legislation basics, IP legal protection systems
• Patent law
• Industrial rights application proceedings
• Legal protection of design
• Rights to mark
• Patent information and searches
• International Treaties for IP protection
• Industrial/legal strategies
• IP rights enforcement
• Innovation business


Specialization Study Curriculum - school year 2012/2013 (pdf, 87 kB)

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