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(Patents from the Region of Eastern and Central European States)

The database of patent documents on CD-Rom ESPACE-PRECES is a joint data product of 8 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe presented by the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia. Documentation base of the CD is formed by numerically ordered facsimile representations of full-text patent documents of the patent offices concerned. The text of documents are in original languages. All bibliographic data as well as words from abstracts are indexed, coded and placed in dictionaries. When searching, it is possible to combine various search expressions and viewpoints with the help of logical operators AND, OR and NOT. User interface is available in English, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Rumanian.

The production started in August 1993. The set contains documents of the offices concerned that were published after 1 January 1991. The Czechoslovak (Czech) part starts with number 272051, Bulgarian documents are presented from the number 048221, Hungarian from 204000, Polish from 153900 and Rumanian from number 100001.

(Trademarks from the Region of Eastern and Central European States)

TRACES is a database of trademarks on a CR-ROM which contains bibliographical data and representation of trademarks from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It does not contain applications filed according to the Madrid Agreement or Madrid Protocol.
Issues are published quarterly on 2 CD-ROMs. CD- ROM “A” contains trademarks from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary and CD-ROM “B” has trademarks from Poland, Rumania and Slovak Republic.
Trademark records contain country code of the IPO concerned, bibliographical data (registration number, registration date, duration of protection, date of expiration of the term of protection, trademark name, trademark applicant name, name of the owner, representative name, trademark number, filing date, trademark type, list of goods and services in national languages, Nice classification, Vienna Classification) and the representation of a trademark.
It is possible to carry out searches according to the registration number, trademark name, owner, colour of the figurative trademarks in national languages, country of priority, features of Nice or Vienna Classification.

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